Friday, 23 December 2011

Review: Scrumptious Lip Balm Good Enough To Eat

Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast

First of all i want to say WOW this is the nicest tasting lip balm like EVER and yes i know you are not meant to eat it lol but you just can't resist licking your lips when you wear it it's CRAZY.

I am a HUGE fan of this not only does it taste nice it smells really nice and also moisturises your lips really well.

I have had a lot of compliments about it when the girls at work etc have tried it.

I would definitely say try it for yourself its a great product


Review: Hair Saviour - Batiste Dry Shampoo

Ok i am a total LOVER of dry shampoo it saves my life while making my hair smell LUSH =)

I have tried a few from their collection.....

1. Tropical - This is my norm i LOVE this one and can't get enough of the smell of it! mmmmmmmm

2. Blonde Hint of Colour - I have used this one before but i went back to the tropical because the colour looked a little odd in my hair. Not a huge fan.

3. Blush - I am really not a floral kind of smelliness person lol so i didnt really enjoy this....tooooo flowery for me but it works just as well as the tropical one bar the smell. =)

4. XXL Volume - this is the newest out of the collection i have tried. Don't get me wrong it totally does give you volume and is very effective more for up dos i would say because it makes your hair feel extremely coarse and full of product. I don't really like this due to the fact it makes your hair feel so stuck together and dry where as i dont find the others do.

I think the next one i want to try is the WILD mind you i probably will still totally revert back to TROPICAL because i don't personally think you can beat it =)


Friday, 9 December 2011

Clothes Show Live

So you knew how much i wanted to go because of my previous post well.......

I ACTUALLY WENT! and it was as AMAZING as i thought it would be!

Put it this way my purse is rather lacking cash to go along with my bank account eeeeeeekkkk!

However the main thing i got sucked into was the AMAZING  deals some of the stalls had on! Heres a one for you....

So naturally i had to oblige and get it lol
Here is a pic of most of the goodies/freebies i got at the show =)

Ignore the date my camera is well broken =(
 So we have:
  • T-shirt saying 'It's the most wonderful time of the year clothes show live'
  • Pack of Snack  a Jack cheeky chutney curls (yummy am eating them as i type lol)
  • Tube of Oral B Pro Expert
  • Some Velvet soft soft soft tissues
  • Pack of Kleenex balsam tissues
  • Dawood & Tanner tooth cleanser (I think its used as toothpaste havent worked it out yet lol)
  • Pack of kiss everlasting stick on false nails (look a little small for my nails)
  • Dove intensive repair conditioner
  • Sample of Nivea visage daily essentials day cream
  • 2 Samples of Nivea pure and natural body lotion and anti wrinkle day cream
  • A Ricola original swiss herb drop (Your guess is as good as mine)
  • 7 Capsules of wellwoman original vitabiotics
  • Sample tube of kate moss ~Lilabelle (smells pretty lush)
  • A Tube of Missguided lipsplash gloss
  • 3 Barry M nails varnishes
  • 3 Models Own nail varnishes in ~ Nude Beige, Jade stone and Pastle Pink
  • A models own Blackberry Lip gloss
  • A models own volumising mascara
  • Rimmel sun safari quad eyeshadows
Then i paid only £7 and i got all of this

  • Bourjois volume glamour black and diams mascara
  • Bourjois khol & contour mineral eye liner
  • Mini Bourjois powder brush
  • Mini Bourjois Blush 04
  • Mini Lipgloss
  • Mini hydrating lipgloss i was well impressed!
I didn't buy many items of clothing because it was extremely busy and i was just happy looking around i did buy a nice pair of redish skinny jeans for £15 however these have gone to santa so wont be able to show you a picture.

The Risk

Darren and Lynsey from Hollyoaks

Maria from Only Way is Essex

Kimberely Wyatt

Arg and maria from TOWIE
I saw Arg sing to bless him he was propper nervous! awwwww

They were some of the celebs that were there on the day i went.

The other thing which i COMPLETELY loved was the actual catwalk it was amazing! Here are some pictures (Some are from google)

Storm models nom nom

It was totally amazing they did a brilliant job and they were dancing too not just walking up and down which made it even more AMAZING!

Here's some random photos of the day.

I will try and add some more later =)

As you may already have caught on i had a totally awesome day and would recommend it to anyone to go next year!

Much love xxx

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Wrap Bracelets ADDICTIVE!

Ok so by now you have probably noticed i have a slight addictive personality.

I am totally and completely addicted to making wrap bracelets inspired by the Chan luu bracelets!

They are relatively easy to make and just look totally B-E-A-U-tiful lol.

Here are a few i have made so far......

This is the 1st one i made with thicker cord on the outside and contrasting thread

This one and the one below are made with the same colour thread to the cord and slightly thinner cord

Simple button fastenings

sorry this picture quality sucks a little

I need more beads and thread so i can crack on making more i love them!

Also i am not sure if i like the thicker or thinner cord bracelets best what are your thoughts???




Friday, 4 November 2011

Paper Bead Addiction

Hey guys,

So i made a start on the paper beads for the bracelets i am making some friends for Christmas. It is sooooo easy (a little fiddly) and takes a little time but easy enough and you can do it while catching up on tv lol.

Some of my 1st attempts

I just thought i would share with you how easy it is to do them. If anyone would like a tutorial step by step i would be happy to help as well =)



Sunday, 23 October 2011

Christmas organisation routine time.

Ok so i have started to try and get organised for Christmas because it is coming around sooooo quickly its scary! I lurrrvvvveeeee being organised so every year i do the same.
  • Write a list of who am buying for
  • Write a list of ideas of what i could get each person
  • Think of how i am going to give them their presents (i.e. snazzy wrapping paper, boxes with tissue, do it as a kind of pic n mix) i know i think waayyyyyy to much in to it but i love things to look pretty and i like taking time and putting effort in to things =) hehe 
  • Do a little research and find the best place to find what i am getting.
  • Work out if my finances are going to stretch this far (usually dont and have to improvise lol)

So yeah this year i am feeling a lot more creative and was thinking with friends especially and maybe my sister of making them them things to go with and bulk up their Christmas presents =) so its extra special this year. Ideas i have had up to now.....
  • Bracelets - there are a few types i have been reading tutorials on for example the chan luu inspired bracelets and also i found a tutorial for making paper bead bracelets and i wondered how they would turn out.

Paper beads bracelet

Chan luu bracelets

I thought by adding some things in their Christmas boxes like this it will give them more of a personal touch =) also i know that one of my friends wants me to make them a Record earring holder like i have previously posted about.

Another idea i had was sock monkeys i love them lol they are the cutest im not sure how good my sewing skills are yet but i may have a go lol.

Sock Monkey

The other idea i had so far for the girlie's was to make them a magnetic bobby pin (curby grip) holder.

Bobby Pin Holder
So yeah i will keep you updated with anything i do make. It's a good job they don't read my blog lol.

I'm struggling for the boyfriend a little bit tho so any ideas would be appreciateded lol.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Halloween Nails

I was a little bored and started browsing the internet for halloween costumes and ideas i thought about maybe becoming a mummy  this year.
Me and my friends did a Zombie Slumber Party   last year.

Thats a couple of us last year.

As i was researching my mummy costume i came across these nails....

I thought these were pretty awesome myself and if i am going as a mummy i think this would look pretty cool =)

Some other cool nail art i came across when i was looking too....

~Katie x

Clothes Show Live!

So for like 3 years now i have always wanted to go to the clothes show live! Yet for one reason or another have never being able to go =( i would really like to go this year i think it looks AWESOME crack! <----Check it out!


Includes entrance to Clothes Show Live & The Dance Show as well as a dedicated seat in the Suzuki Fashion Theatre



Includes entrance to Clothes Show Live & The Dance Show as well as a dedicated Platinum (runway side) seat in the Suzuki Fashion Theatre, Official Clothes Show Live Tote Bag filled with goodies and Show Guide, packed with exhibitor discounts.
A £2 booking fee applies per ticket

Personally if i went i would rather get the platinum ticket because i think it would be worth it experience wise if i finally got to go.

I would be most excited to shop till i drop these are the shopping zones

Floor Plan

BLUE ZONE– branded zone complete with unique pockets of pure fashion including Chic Boutique and Anita's Vintage Fashion Fair, home to the Image Catwalk and University & College Forum featuring over 35 colleges and universities

PURPLE ZONE – edgy, glamorous & cool, with fast-fashion inspired by the 'streets', including the Offbeat Boutique

PINK ZONE – the one stop hair & beauty shop, home to the Style Studio

RED ZONE – fashion meets a vibrant market scene

STYLE SHOW-  luxurious fashion and beauty with up and coming designer collections, home to the Red Carpet Designer Catwalk

SKNITCH  - create, customise and be inspired, a new knitting, sewing and needlework zone

THE DANCE SHOW – live dance performances, classes and workshops, celebrity dance acts and the latest dance wear

So yeah i really want to go think i may try and persuade my mother duck to take me and the little sis to do our Christmas shopping at it! hehe Would be IMMESNE!

Its on the 2nd - 7th of December! Put it in your diary lol

I will let you know if hopefully i am able to get this year =)

Here are a few photos from last years clothes show.....

Eeeee god i am going to have to stop this post am getting too excited and i will be more dissapointed if i don't go now! lol dammit!