Tuesday, 31 January 2012

LOVE - Black Soft Super Skinny Jeans

I bought these black soft super skinny jeans from miss selfridge because i was sick of buying black skinny jeans and then after a little while they sag at the knees and other areas and it is just a pain in the arse. But then leggings don't always work as well with some outfits therefore when i came across these i became very excitable because they are AMAZING and go with so much! Also they are unbelievably comfortable and make your bum look great ;)

They are £36 from miss selfridge which to be honest i don't think is that bad considering the amount of use i get out of them.

They are so versatile you can wear them with cute pumps and a top for just casual occasions for example i wore them above to night going to the cinema with the girls i wore them with a dark green silk top from Topshop which i just got in the sale for £15 and black pumps with black knot detail and the jewellery i have added below.

Gold Bangles from Oasis ages ago have little green gems in not that you can really see on this pic lol
A green ring in which i think i got from dorothy perkins a little while ago

A necklace which i love because it is just mint its also a little clock and mirror inside it opens up may even do a whole other post on it later lol from ebay.

Again from ebay a pair of gold flower earrings with pearls in the middle =) Topshop originally

Just thought i would share these with you because i definitely love them and would say they are one of the items in my wardrobe which are most used even though they are a fairly new addition

Katie x

Monday, 30 January 2012

Digital Foundation!

Ok....so i was browsing the Internet and came across this crazy idea of a new product which is going to be available in 2012 so now i guess...

Its called Romi Digital Foundation. This is what it is meant to do according to totalbeauty.com ;

' This handheld device helps you flawlessly apply foundation thanks to the automatic stippling technique (similar to a patting motion) it uses. In one minute it dispenses 5,000 gentle pats to distribute an all-in-one primer, foundation, concealer, and powder to your skin without a cakey or uneven finish. You can choose from among three shades and each kit comes with two months' worth of foundation and three sponge heads.'

However, i am not quite sold myself i mean how can this little bottle apply your make up so perfectly? So my curiosity taking over me made me delve a little deeper to see if i could find anything else out. All i really came across was this following you tube video which is meant to show you the difference between rubbing foundation on with your hands and using the digital device. I'm still not so sure.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xewzalg-KT0&feature=related (I was trying to add it as a video for you's however it would not let me :( humph )

What do you think?

Katie x

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Glitterberry J20 = Awesome

Ok so i forgot for christmas i got some of the Limited Edition Glitterberry J20s this is because i saw the advert and was like a little kid! I wanted one! lol They are as amazing as i thought they would be!

They are just so girly and glittery and lush! Love em! They even taste nice which is an added bonus lol They go great with vodka hehe but too many of them in a row and they are a tad sickly!

Here are a few pics of their glittery FABULOUSNESS! hehe Sorry about my photography skills i will work on them promise lol

Katie x

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Celeb Style: Michelle Keegan


Right, so i think this woman is totally lush! Also i totally lurrrvvveee her style i would wear the majority of  the clothes she wears.

From her shopping and everyday style to her night and red carpet style she just looks stunning. Here's some examples....
I totally adore this dress it is just totally me! I wore a dress similar to this for my prom when i left school. I think the colour is lovely and the style suits her body shape and enhances her best features. Simple but gorgeous!
The one thing i can say about this picture is you just GOT to love uggs! I literally LIVE in my uggs. No joke and occasionally change to my toms lol. They are so worth the money and are seriously comfortable, slipper style comfortable lol.

I love this combo from the everyday style its comfy, looks good and still makes her look lovely. I especially love the jeans lately i have moved on to living practically in skinny jeans but i think its to time to change back a little.

These two dresses i would wear to town when i went out with the girls! Flattering and sexy.

To be honest she does have an amazing body so i do think she could actually pull off wearing a black bin liner!

~Katie x

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

December Glossy Box

I know i am a little late but i finally got my 1st glossy box even though its nearly time for Jan's i am still excited!!! =)

I just love the packaging and how its all presented its lovely!

So December's glossy box included:
  • Blink + Go Eyeshadow and Blush Palette
  • Cargo Cosmetics Classic Lip Gloss
  • Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle Mini Nail Varnish With Stripped to Go Sachet
  • Nip +Fab Spot Fix
  • Rituals Foaming Shower Gel

This seems a little crazy on the colour side for my i don't think i would particularly use many of these colours if i am being honest maybe for fancy dress lol i think i would only get use out of the white and the Goldy colour.

So Far i have used:
  • The Nip + Fab spot fix because i had a spot which i am totally sure was about to take over my chin and it seems to have helped it quite fast it seems smaller and less inflamed so thumbs up to this!
  • The Lip gloss is a nice colour yet the little down fall for me is that it is a little sticky and sticky lip glosses kind of put me off.
  • The Stripper to Go in Lavender i actually adore this product i think it is completely amazing! It brings your nails varnish off in literally seconds and the mitt idea is just fantastic i would definitely invest in some more of these! I am a huge fan. If i had to find a flaw then i would say it can be a little irritating to your fingers if you have cuts etc stings a little but it would if you used nail varnish remover and pads so?
  • I have yet to use the shower gel but i will update for you.
Should be very soon we receive Jan's Glossy Box lol but I'm new to this so wanted to post the 1st one i received even though it is horrendously late =)

Katie X

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Hangover = Monster Bookmark

So as i was lay in bed feeling sorry for myself i decided to try one of the tutorials i was interested in which was making monster bookmarks. They are really cute. Heres my outcome:
some of his teeth are a lil wonky but not too bad for a hungover attempt lol

Also was pretty straight forward. =)

Thanks for looking

Katie x

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Review: EOS:The Lip Balm that baffles

The balms are a blend of petrolatum, paraben and gluten-free but still have a hydrating mix of shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E to keep lips smooth and gently hydrated.

The packaging i find is awesome its in a beautiful smooth little sphere which twists open to reveal a dome shaped balm. I think its brilliant totally in love.

I got the passionfruit flavour because its one of my favourite flavours. This is a sweet, fruity flavour thats light weight and hydrates lips just enough without leaving them feeling greasy.

If you hadn't already noticed i am a huge fan of these little balls of heaven!

Katie x

Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Years Resolution

ok so i have come up with 3 new years resolutions this year hopefully realistic i think lol

1. To get a job in the career path i am wanting to work in or at least get on my way with it.

2.  Finish all random foundations and make up i have loads of different brands of before i buy more.

3. Actually try some of the crafts i find instead of just thinking i will try it some day.

Just thought i would share what i am hoping to do...what about you?

Katie x

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Santas beeeeeeen =D

I hope you all have had a totally lovely Christmas and Santa was good to you all. Well i have been a spoilt little girly this year =)

Here's what i got....

Ignore date lol
Sorry for my photography skills they aren't the best lol. But you kind of get the gist of what i got hehe. What did you get?

I totally love Christmas because it is a time where u can just get together with your family and spend a full day just with them which does not happen that often when everyone can get it off work etc so i have great deal of love for Christmas day because i am a huge family girl =)

Hope you all had a spiffing Christmas =D

Much love