Tuesday, 6 March 2012

LOVE IT ~New Jewellery

Hello my beauts,

Well i have been selling a few things on Ebay as you know so i figured it was only right i buy a few new bits with the money i made. :)

I went for the cute factor when i was buying these pieces :)

This is what i ended up getting;
You can't get much cuter! lol Ebay - £3.99

Ebay - £3.99

£0.49 - BARGAIN!!

A girl can't have enough jewellery in my eyes :D hehe

Katie x



Well as i was browsing blogs i came across Nardines and she had done a cheeky little post letting people know that Yankee Candles are doing an offer. I got a tad excited so had to share it as well :D I lurrvvvveeee Yankee Candles!

Yankee Candles 2012 Summer Scent Samples.

This sample set consists of 1 tea light of each of the Summer 2012 fragrances listed below which are due for release late March 2012.

  • Loves Me Loves Me Not
  • Sicilian Lemon
  • Fruit Fusion
  • Pink Dragonfruit
  • Wild Passion Fruit
This will be a great way to try the candles before you splash out on a MASSIVE jar of one because lets face it they are not that cheap.

All you have to do is add the samples to your basket and you only have to pay (Paypal) £1.95 For postage and that is it they are yours! However you are only allowed 1 set of samples per order.

Katie x

Friday, 2 March 2012


Hello my beauties,

Well i got my nails done (Full set of acrylics) from Hollywood nails in the metro centre and usually they are pretty good however i wasn't too impressed by them this time they were all different lengths and i am a perfectionist when it comes to things like false nails and i am afraid to say i was an unhappy bunny :( they are usually very good so i must have got a person having a bad day or something. Just my luck haha.

Anyhooooooo....i was a good girl and soaked them off instead of biting them off however my nails were still completely wrecked underneath. So i read a few blog posts on nail strengtheners and decided to try the OPI Nail Envy. I am soooo glad i did! I am in LOVE with it. My nails are usually quite prone to breaking and flaking and i have been using this product now for about 2 weeks and my nails are coming along lovely :) I am so impressed!

I applied two coats at first and then added a coat every other day then after a week i removed it and started from scratch. I can actually not express enough how impressed i am by this product. I am shocked i really am. I got it in Matt as well and i love the effect it gives to your nails it is not totally Matt but gives them a little shine :)

I would STRONGLY recommend getting this product if you are having trouble growing your nails. Also a little tip would be to buy it from Ebay not your usual places like Boots etc if you are wanting to get it a little cheaper :)

Sorry i just had to share my excitement about it :) hehe

Katie x