Thursday, 17 January 2013

Everyone loves their bed...

How dooooo,

So I was at work today and I was craving my bed. I was wishing I was there instead of being screamed at from all angles by 3 year olds. That in turn got me to thinking everyone loves their beds yet they are all so different.

What's your space like where you go to the land of nod every night? This is mine and I lurrvvveeee it! I think it just captures me perfectly!

My Safe Heaven

What do you think?

~Katie x

Sunday, 13 January 2013

January Wish List


I am constantly spending my time browsing the Internet online shopping or should i say online wishing! I rarely buy things compared to how much i actually look and want things. This may have something to do with my wages have already been accounted for unfortunately.

So i have decided to monthly let you know what i am craving that particular month. If i do also manage to squeeze some of these things into my budget i will post them and review them for you all because i am lovely like that!

Bodycon Dress In Abstract Stripe Print (Asos - £30) - I have an engagement party to attend this month and i think this would be lovely. I am very much into my fitted midi dresses at the moment.
French Script Boxes (Next, £14) - I think these would look lovely in my bedroom to keep all them random things in which you do not really know what to do with.
Track Rings Necklace (Topshop, £18.50) - I love this necklace it has a rustic gold colouring which i love and i think this would be a necklace which would finish off many outfits really nicely. 
Hack Grey Platform Sandals (Miss Selfridge, £49.00) - I have totally fell in love with these shoes! They would look gorgeous with most outfits and also come in black! Some time i will buy these! hehe
Nails Inc Special Effects Graffiti/ Nails Inc Special Effects Concrete (Nails Inc, £12.00) - I think these speak for themselves. They just make your nails and hands look utterly beautiful i expect. With my love for beautiful nails is growing i think these would make a lovely addition to my slowly growing collection.

What are you craving this month?!


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

LOVE IT: Slate Candle Holders


Well i just had to share with you one of my latest additions to my flat :) They are my heart shaped slate candle holders! I think they are just utterly beautiful! They are by far one of my favourite pieces in the flat so far. I'm a tad excitable as you may be able to tell hehe but i get like this when i luuurrvvveee something :)

love these

I think they just make your flat/home feel so homely they are lush! They are black slate and each are slightly different which makes them even more unique. And if you are having a romantic night in even if it is just with a bottle of wine and your book they just set a mood that is totally gorge! hehe

What are your thoughts?

~Katie x

Monday, 7 January 2013

Nail Art Obsession

So while I have been a tad quiet I have got myself really into nail art! I have abused my nail envy to gain false nail length natural nails which I LOVE!

It's a very rare occasion when I don't have any nail varnish on at all. So I decide why not be more creative with it. What have I got to loose? (My social life?!) Ha! I actually get told off by friends and family for how much I do them over other things!

Here are a few of my latest :)

Hope you like them :) which are your favourite?

Katie x

Saturday, 5 January 2013

I'm backkkkk

So it's the new year and I feel because I have not blogged for like agesssss!!!! I need to step it up! I promise I will do better this year. I have made it into one of my new year resolutions so this obviously means it is a must! Hehe.

In my defence my 2012 was all over the place for me. I have gone from a party mad bar tender who lives in Newcastle to a teaching assistant who lives in Barnsley! BIG changes for me! So now I actually have normal living and functioning hours in the day it maybe a little easier for me :)

Wish me luck.

Katie x