Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Pinterest Love!


I have come to you all today because I think I have actually found what stops me from blogging frequently enough (apart from my teacher training course and work) its PINTEREST!!! I think I am actually addicted! I use it when I am stressed out and need to chill. I use it when I am bored. I use it at dinner time on my break. I think I dare say I go on at least once a day!!! How crazy is that please!!!

I thought I would share with you one of my favourite pinners! It definitely has to be:

  • Skinny Mom - Healthy living for women. ~ This is a great one to follow for all those healthy eating recipes because she is mainly a foodie but there are some workout routines you can have a browse through as well.
I think this woman is amazing! I love looking through recipes especially ones which do not make me get FAT! I have tried many of them and there are some really scrumptious ones too have a looksies!

Check out my Pinterest  too I spend enough time on it hehe. Let me know what you think I love receiving feedback. :)

Who are you favourite people to follow?