Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Home Decor... the way to my heart

Hello :)

In this post I am going to share with you some of my favourite bits of my bedroom decor. It so happens that I chose neutral colours for my bedroom (it also had something to do with me renting the flat and not being allowed to paint the walls lol.), However I do LOVE my neutral colours! I have also gone with a heart theme too :) Just in case you are wondering why they are all heart shaped or have heart shapes incorporated into them, hehe. 

Firstly, there is my double heart candle, I did not actually buy this my mam bought me it for my birthday and I love it! I haven't dared light it yet, I don't know about anyone else but I seem to be a little reluctant to first light a candle lol, Even though I utterly love candles lit in the room! Strange I know. I think the distressed casing gives it a kind of shabby chic feel to it which I also like. 

Next is my grey wire heart tea light holder, I bought this from Next as I loved it from the moment I saw it! Its just beautiful! It again fits in with the distressed type look, this is by far one of my favourite bits of decor in my room! It looks so pretty when you have a candle lit inside of it. The heart opens up with the hinges on the top so your able to change the candles easily. 

Now we have the matching grey wire heart organiser, which I have used to keep mainly my perfumes in. There was also a larger size if you wanted a larger one, or a set up of a small and large organiser. This doesn't just have to be used to organise perfume, it could be used to organise jewellery such as bangles or make up whatever you fancy.This was also purchased from next :)

Yes you guessed it! The matching grey wire heart bin! I couldn't resist haha, also bought from Next. I usually tend to put a carrier bag in it so its easier to empty and the smaller bits don't fall out the holes but however it does impact on its prettiness having a Asda or Tesco bag shining through lol. But i still love it. 

So there you have an insight into some of my decor pieces in my room. I hope you like them as much as I do. Which is your favourite?