Monday, 2 December 2013

December has arrived....

DECEMBER which only means one thing...

...CHRISTMAS SOON! Personally I cannot wait! It is one of the most AMAZING times of the year! (Sorry about all the !!! can you tell I am a tad excited) 

So to start my first weekend off in December me and mother duck decided to do some christmas shopping in Leeds. So naturally we had a wander around the german christmas market :) here are some pictures below of our little adventure! I say adventure because it was not really planned! Mam decided we should go to a train station and then hop on the first train that comes in to a shopping destination. She loved the uncertainty of it all however me on the other hand, I was a little not stressed but apprehensive about it all. hehe. (I need structure ha!)

Sunday arrived and we decided due to the great start to the weekend we had we would go and get a christmas tree and decorate to feel really festive! I somehow managed to decorate the tree as a sole ranger...not sure how this came around but I was quite proud of my little masterpiece! 

   What do you think?

The Crowds in Leeds were pretty mental! People must be deciding they need to get cracking with their shopping! It was very busy! It was crazy busy but not so bad YET that you had to fight to get into shops, never mind to see anything! But the pretty lights were up in Trinity :)

After battling those crowds a well deserved glass of wine and a pizza was what came next!

I had an AMAZING weekend! I also got a cheeky Honeycomb Hot Choc from Costa! It was one of the most yummy things in the world! I was even sniffing the cup after I finished it! ( I am not mental honest it was delightful) I loved the lovely festive cup too so cute!!!

Then sad as I am, one of the highlights of my weekend was on Sunday morning and getting Toby dog excited about opening his doggy advent calendar. How cute is he waiting for his choc! BEAUTIFUL he is!

So how did you spend your first weekend in December?