Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmassy Nails

I thought as we are making our way into December it was time for some Christmassy nail art. I love doing my nails and I have been slacking with them because I have been so busy at work! So I enjoyed chilling and watching home alone whilst doing my nails. It's a lovely way to spend my Sunday in my eyes. :)

I decided on a rather easy design because I am a little out of practice therefore didn't quite no what they would turn out like. 

How to:
  • I chose to use Models Own ~ Jade Stone as my main colour. 
  • I then chose the use Mabelline Express Finish ~Pearl for my snow and the snowman base. (I don't seem to have a decent white it took me quite a few coats). I used a cocktail stick for the dots to look like snow. 
  •  I moved onto doing the hat, eyes and mouth with my black nail art pen and the nose with a Orange nail art pen. 

Very simple design but I think it looks cute. What do your festive nails look like?