Saturday, 28 January 2012

Celeb Style: Michelle Keegan


Right, so i think this woman is totally lush! Also i totally lurrrvvveee her style i would wear the majority of  the clothes she wears.

From her shopping and everyday style to her night and red carpet style she just looks stunning. Here's some examples....
I totally adore this dress it is just totally me! I wore a dress similar to this for my prom when i left school. I think the colour is lovely and the style suits her body shape and enhances her best features. Simple but gorgeous!
The one thing i can say about this picture is you just GOT to love uggs! I literally LIVE in my uggs. No joke and occasionally change to my toms lol. They are so worth the money and are seriously comfortable, slipper style comfortable lol.

I love this combo from the everyday style its comfy, looks good and still makes her look lovely. I especially love the jeans lately i have moved on to living practically in skinny jeans but i think its to time to change back a little.

These two dresses i would wear to town when i went out with the girls! Flattering and sexy.

To be honest she does have an amazing body so i do think she could actually pull off wearing a black bin liner!

~Katie x