Tuesday, 31 January 2012

LOVE - Black Soft Super Skinny Jeans

I bought these black soft super skinny jeans from miss selfridge because i was sick of buying black skinny jeans and then after a little while they sag at the knees and other areas and it is just a pain in the arse. But then leggings don't always work as well with some outfits therefore when i came across these i became very excitable because they are AMAZING and go with so much! Also they are unbelievably comfortable and make your bum look great ;)

They are £36 from miss selfridge which to be honest i don't think is that bad considering the amount of use i get out of them.

They are so versatile you can wear them with cute pumps and a top for just casual occasions for example i wore them above to night going to the cinema with the girls i wore them with a dark green silk top from Topshop which i just got in the sale for £15 and black pumps with black knot detail and the jewellery i have added below.

Gold Bangles from Oasis ages ago have little green gems in not that you can really see on this pic lol
A green ring in which i think i got from dorothy perkins a little while ago

A necklace which i love because it is just mint its also a little clock and mirror inside it opens up may even do a whole other post on it later lol from ebay.

Again from ebay a pair of gold flower earrings with pearls in the middle =) Topshop originally

Just thought i would share these with you because i definitely love them and would say they are one of the items in my wardrobe which are most used even though they are a fairly new addition

Katie x