Thursday, 6 October 2011


Well i haven't posted in  a little while so i thought i would give you a mini update...

Work are totally killing me with shifts at the minute i feel like i live at malmaison its crazy! Im literally becoming nocturnal.

OoOoOo just remembered my ebay update i have managed to sell most of the stuff i put up not for much like but its better than gettting nothing for it =)

Also i kind of maybe bought a few little things with what i earned kind of a wardrobe swap in a way haha.

The first thing i got was a pair of earrings that cost me £1.99

 Then a Topshop Vest for £3.00
 And finally so far... a Miss Selfridge blouse for £10
So yeah thats my purchases so far and i think i made around £30 so not too bad =)

Another thing that has happened which is why i havent really been on here much is my laptop has broken so its in with the clever fixy men getting better so hopefully i will get it back soon =)