Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Tedious day...EBAY TIME!

Well my money making plan to put stuff on eBay that i no longer wear or want is a looonnnggggg and extremely TEDIOUS job! watch  no one will even bid haha no il cry we wont think about that lol.
Im afraid i only put like 33 items and got a little bored so may put some more on a different day when i kind of forget how BORING it is lol.

If you want a browse through be my guest the link to one of them is....

and don't forget to look through my other items too =) i will update if i put more on =)

Hopefully i will get a result and they will make a lil money out of it. Fingers crossed eeee!

EBay is actually a good way of getting little bargains and if you don't  like buying second hand clothing then on jewellery and stuff.