Sunday, 11 September 2011

Moving House

Ok so I'm thinking i may suck a little at this whole blogging thing hehe...Hopefully i will get better SOON for the benefit for anyone who stumbles across my page haha.

Right well i have moved house and its quite a nice little house that i am sharing with 4 of my friends which is lush I'm in a little predicament on how to decorate my room though because it is a attic room its a little bit bizarre shape so am pretty stuck. I'm thinking maybe black and white with random colouring through out...i just seem to have a hell of a lot of white wall at the moment and don't really want to keep it this way! Yet i don't think we are allowed to paint the walls so? hmmmmm lol

ANY ideas will be totally welcome as i seem to be having such a creative block at the moment its unreal eeeeekkk!

Here is some pics of the room =D

I have some space behind my door too and was maybe thinking of getting some small rectangular black photo frames and putting my favourite pictures in and placing them to make a heart shape =)?

I am going to get rid of this mirror and get a big black one so its effectively looks like a dressing table. Also may chuck the tv lol and use my laptop.

This cupboard is my wardrobe but i was maybe thinking of putting a few small black shelves down beside my bed

I have no idea what to do on this slanted wall and beam?

 Sorry about all of the random stuff placed but i still have a lot of stuff in bin bags etc because i have no idea  where to put stuff i want the design of the room sorted before i start properly unpacking lol. With me being a bit of a perfectionist with the way stuff looks it could take me a while haha. I just need some INSPIRATION lol gah.