Monday, 12 September 2011

Trip to the charity shop

Well i thought i better get my room underway with me having a day off work. I didn't get far lol but i am pretty happy with what i got done today =) With me being so skint i wanted to keep everything as cheap as possible. Also with my LOVE for my jewellery i wanted to display it in a cool way even though i haven't even got it all at this new house yet. So i set that as my challenge today. So i decided to hit the charity shop to see what i could find. I found these.....

I remembered being on a craft website and reading a tutorial on how to make a vinyl record into a earring holder. So because i am easily excitable i got excited and each record was only 50p!!!! Bloody BARGAIN or what! Mind i had to sift through until i found ones with pretty coloured middles. Now i know this could probably upset people who love and collect them but i have never heard of the people i bought so i figured they would let me off =)

Here are the two finished products ....
I used the smaller one for my stud earring cant wait to get them all from mother ducks house to fill it up.

The bigger is going to be used for my dangly earrings
I am pretty excited to get all my jewellery up here so i can put them in =D (See i did say easily excitable hehe) Yeah so i made these and then i got kindly given this mirror too to go with the whole dressing table style corner =)
So slowly but surely it is coming together nicely i just now need to think of ideas to show off my rings, bracelets and necklaces hehe so any welcome =)

Anyhoo this was just a quickly so i could share my excitedness with yous lol.