Monday, 30 January 2012

Digital Foundation! i was browsing the Internet and came across this crazy idea of a new product which is going to be available in 2012 so now i guess...

Its called Romi Digital Foundation. This is what it is meant to do according to ;

' This handheld device helps you flawlessly apply foundation thanks to the automatic stippling technique (similar to a patting motion) it uses. In one minute it dispenses 5,000 gentle pats to distribute an all-in-one primer, foundation, concealer, and powder to your skin without a cakey or uneven finish. You can choose from among three shades and each kit comes with two months' worth of foundation and three sponge heads.'

However, i am not quite sold myself i mean how can this little bottle apply your make up so perfectly? So my curiosity taking over me made me delve a little deeper to see if i could find anything else out. All i really came across was this following you tube video which is meant to show you the difference between rubbing foundation on with your hands and using the digital device. I'm still not so sure. (I was trying to add it as a video for you's however it would not let me :( humph )

What do you think?

Katie x