Sunday, 23 October 2011

Christmas organisation routine time.

Ok so i have started to try and get organised for Christmas because it is coming around sooooo quickly its scary! I lurrrvvvveeeee being organised so every year i do the same.
  • Write a list of who am buying for
  • Write a list of ideas of what i could get each person
  • Think of how i am going to give them their presents (i.e. snazzy wrapping paper, boxes with tissue, do it as a kind of pic n mix) i know i think waayyyyyy to much in to it but i love things to look pretty and i like taking time and putting effort in to things =) hehe 
  • Do a little research and find the best place to find what i am getting.
  • Work out if my finances are going to stretch this far (usually dont and have to improvise lol)

So yeah this year i am feeling a lot more creative and was thinking with friends especially and maybe my sister of making them them things to go with and bulk up their Christmas presents =) so its extra special this year. Ideas i have had up to now.....
  • Bracelets - there are a few types i have been reading tutorials on for example the chan luu inspired bracelets and also i found a tutorial for making paper bead bracelets and i wondered how they would turn out.

Paper beads bracelet

Chan luu bracelets

I thought by adding some things in their Christmas boxes like this it will give them more of a personal touch =) also i know that one of my friends wants me to make them a Record earring holder like i have previously posted about.

Another idea i had was sock monkeys i love them lol they are the cutest im not sure how good my sewing skills are yet but i may have a go lol.

Sock Monkey

The other idea i had so far for the girlie's was to make them a magnetic bobby pin (curby grip) holder.

Bobby Pin Holder
So yeah i will keep you updated with anything i do make. It's a good job they don't read my blog lol.

I'm struggling for the boyfriend a little bit tho so any ideas would be appreciateded lol.