Saturday, 19 October 2013

Celeb Style: Mila Kunis


I thought I would do another celeb style post :)

I have chosen Mila Kunis because I think she is lovely and again has the type of style I LOVE! I first noticed her in the film Friends with Benefits with Justin Timberlake too! Awesome Film can I just add. hehe. 

Image: Google

I utterly adore this outfit! I think the skirt is beautiful and matched with a plain top just draws attention to the beautiful detail in the skirt. Even her shoes are simple and plain so your attention is drawn straight to the skirt and then her lovely long legs!

Image: Google

The infamous little black dress, every girl owns one. I think this one in particular is stunning i love that it has a low back at the same time as being slightly longer. This gives it more of a sophisticated but sexy feel. She has a lovely toned back which the dress compliments intensely. 

Image: Google

Moving to a summery day outfit I think this is super cute! I am not sure if i would suit such an outfit because i think it would make me look extremely young and I battle with that enough. But I think on her it looks beautiful and would look lush on holiday or on a hot summery day. She has picked the blue detail in the dress to match her shoes which works really well. She has even gone for soft slightly waved hair which works really well with this outfit.

Which outfit do you like best?