Sunday, 29 September 2013

V Festival ❤

Hello again,

I just can't seem to get into the hang of regular posting! I am sure I will get there in the end :)

Well me and my besties went to V festival this year and it was AMAZING!!! I loved every minute! I even got over the horrific state and smell of the toilets!! And that is saying something hehe!

We went to Weston Park near Staffordshire it took us like what seemed an age to get there (3 hours!) Then the queues to get in were about just as long! But once we got over the tragic walk with all our rucksacks and finally pitched the ten! ( didn't quite go to plan) the fun began! However due to our extremely bad tent building skills and the wind we did come back on Saturday night drunk to find this!

Not ideal if I do say so myself! So we squished up with some of the other girls for a cosy night!

The lineup was immense here is the line up:

So as you can see many many many people most people would want to go and see! And yes headlining was beyonce! Oh my days! I knew she would be good but my god she was AMAZING! So much I shed a little tear hehe (could have web something to so with the large amount of alcohol I had consumed as well like) but serious she was immense!

She was half an hour late though so started to get some boos but she soon won the crowd back!! I loved every minute!

This woman is truly an inspiration!! I can't quite highlight how good she was I just recommend everyone to go and see her! Hehe! I even managed to bag a little bit of time up on someone's shoulders so I could get some good pics! :) eeeee I am
getting excited thinking about it!

But she can't have all the credit there were some amazing acts there and just that I went to see because obviously you
can't see them all its impossible! Some that spring to mind which were amazing were:
~ Emeli Sande
~ Rudimental
~ Jessy J
~ 5ive!
~ Maverick Sabre
~Jason Mraz (very emotional because one of my best friends have chosen for her wedding song eeekk!)

So guys this was just a quick post to get how excitable I was out because I found it an awesome experience and it was the first proper festival I had been too!

If anyone has any questions just ask :) or photos or anything they would like to share I would love to share your experience too :)

~Katie x