Sunday, 13 January 2013

January Wish List


I am constantly spending my time browsing the Internet online shopping or should i say online wishing! I rarely buy things compared to how much i actually look and want things. This may have something to do with my wages have already been accounted for unfortunately.

So i have decided to monthly let you know what i am craving that particular month. If i do also manage to squeeze some of these things into my budget i will post them and review them for you all because i am lovely like that!

Bodycon Dress In Abstract Stripe Print (Asos - £30) - I have an engagement party to attend this month and i think this would be lovely. I am very much into my fitted midi dresses at the moment.
French Script Boxes (Next, £14) - I think these would look lovely in my bedroom to keep all them random things in which you do not really know what to do with.
Track Rings Necklace (Topshop, £18.50) - I love this necklace it has a rustic gold colouring which i love and i think this would be a necklace which would finish off many outfits really nicely. 
Hack Grey Platform Sandals (Miss Selfridge, £49.00) - I have totally fell in love with these shoes! They would look gorgeous with most outfits and also come in black! Some time i will buy these! hehe
Nails Inc Special Effects Graffiti/ Nails Inc Special Effects Concrete (Nails Inc, £12.00) - I think these speak for themselves. They just make your nails and hands look utterly beautiful i expect. With my love for beautiful nails is growing i think these would make a lovely addition to my slowly growing collection.

What are you craving this month?!