Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My Everyday Jewellery.

Hello lovelies,

Ok so one of my main weaknesses is jewellery i am totally obsessed by it! So i thought i would share this little bit of information with you and this brought me on to doing a post on what i wear everyday in terms of jewellery. I only have 3 main items that i wear on a everyday basis unless i change for costume jewellery to compliment an outfit. Here they are;

Firstly is my double wrap nude colour Pandora bracelet! I totally love this item mainly because i am such a neutral kind of girl and love this colour soooooo much! lol Therefore not only does it go with everything it looks lovely too! I decided to only have 4 charms on this bracelet and 3 of which have moonstone kind of stones in them so they blend with the bracelet and my butterfly best friend one is just plain silver. I can't actually explain how much i totally LOVE this item though :) hehe

Secondly this is a rather new addition to my everyday wear jewellery it was a 21st present from my mother duck :) So i am not too sure where she got it from if i am honest i just love the quirkiness of the design. Please ignore my little fat fingers for some reason i have never lost the baby chubby fingers! haha

Thirdly is ye old faithful and believe it or not this is from Argos yet it is the most trusty ring in the world lol (well probably not the most in the world but you know what i mean) It has been through a lot and rarely gets taken off purely because of the fact it hides a mole on my wedding finger which i DESPISE! lol. But again it is  a quirky style and silver and a lovely addition to my jewellery collection :)

Bit of a random post i know however the more i post the more you will find out about my jewellery obsession so i thought i would break you in pretty early :) hehe. Hope your all well.

Katie x