Wednesday, 8 February 2012

17 Magnatized Nail Polish


I have wanted to try this out for a very long time yet couldn't bring myself to spend £15 or so on a nail varnish! So when i found out you could get this version which did practically the same thing for less than half the price i jumped at the chance!

The 1st thing i noticed really was that the instructions on this product were pretty poor so ended up watching a youtube tutorial on what to do lol. I picked the teal shade to try as it was that or blue to choose from.

You have to apply quite a thick layer to each nail for the magnetic particles to work properly. Yet i feel it goes on rather smoothly and easily. I was also pleasantly surprised by how well the magnetic effect actually works and the pace it does so.

I found i got many compliments on my nails especially by people who had not witnessed the magnetic effect before and i also do love the effect myself. Yet  did find that it chips rather quickly and easily especially if you do not apply top coat. All in all i am pretty impressed by the product and would definitely buy it in some other colours :)

The Result

Katie x