Friday, 23 December 2011

Review: Hair Saviour - Batiste Dry Shampoo

Ok i am a total LOVER of dry shampoo it saves my life while making my hair smell LUSH =)

I have tried a few from their collection.....

1. Tropical - This is my norm i LOVE this one and can't get enough of the smell of it! mmmmmmmm

2. Blonde Hint of Colour - I have used this one before but i went back to the tropical because the colour looked a little odd in my hair. Not a huge fan.

3. Blush - I am really not a floral kind of smelliness person lol so i didnt really enjoy this....tooooo flowery for me but it works just as well as the tropical one bar the smell. =)

4. XXL Volume - this is the newest out of the collection i have tried. Don't get me wrong it totally does give you volume and is very effective more for up dos i would say because it makes your hair feel extremely coarse and full of product. I don't really like this due to the fact it makes your hair feel so stuck together and dry where as i dont find the others do.

I think the next one i want to try is the WILD mind you i probably will still totally revert back to TROPICAL because i don't personally think you can beat it =)