Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Review: Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint ~ Barry M

Nails nails nails....
... I just love painting them! So my newest edition to my nails varnish collection is the Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint by Barry M. I picked the shade Lychee. As you may know this is one of Barry Ms fast growing effects range.
I lurvvveeee my nude colours you see so this shade stood out to me straight away. The first thing i noticed about this nail varnish was when i was using it the smell is just lovely. You may be thinking what an odd thing to first recognise but its actually really nice not over powering like some.
Next i did find that it does not seem to go on completely even however it does seem to even out whilst your doing your other nails. It does say one coat needed however i prefer the effect of two. however i have noticed the more coats you apply the more likely it is to chip so bare this in mind :) It does dry nice and quickly though always a bonus!
I love this effect that it constantly looks wet and with extra shine. I think it makes your nails look like you have just had them all done especially if you have nicely grown nails. Someone even asked me if mine were fake or real?! (I wasn't too sure if i should take this as a compliment or not lol.)

The rest of the colour range i find is rather random because there are a lot of bright colours but also some pastels. I am really happy with the product.
What are your thoughts?
~Katie x