Saturday, 13 April 2013

LOVE IT: Viktor&Rolf ~ Flowerbomb Perfume

Smelling lovely is a must right?

Well I FINALLY got given Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb perfume as a gift :) SCORE! I have wanted this perfume for soooooo long! I have never bought it myself because it is not the cheapest or perfumes, and spare dosh for like many of you I assume is not a regular occurrence for me. So you can utterly imagine the excitement that came over me, when I got given this.

The first thing that stands out to me is the packaging, I do love it! It portrays a pretty floral product which indeed it is! I like the way the box shows the illusion of a wrapped present that is secured by a wax stamp!

Moving to the bottle itself, I just feel like it is very well presented and girly. The liquid has a slight pink tinge, and this is carried on through the metal on the product as well, which i think is a great touch! The plastic wax stamp which is made into a tag on the bottle is also really cute. (However be careful when transporting the perfume, because it is not that strong and mine has snapped off :( Whoops)

I utterly LOVE the smell! This shouldn't be a surprise or I guess I would not be writing this LOVE IT post. It is rather strong therefore not much is needed. Floral scents come through the strongest, however it is not overpowering because I am not usually the biggest fan of overly floral perfumes. It is rather sweet but also musky, and I think it has a sexy element about it. By far the best thing about this perfume is that it actually STAYS!

The only downsides are as I mentioned before the price and the tag being weak for transportation.

So if you are looking for a new fragrance, that is feminine and sexy try this!

Price: £65.00 (50ml) ~ This price is taken from boots.

~ Katie x